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After three years of development, the time has finally come! With our crowdfunding campaign we want to finance the production of our first three varieties (Mild, Intensivo and Grated). Help us make our dream come true and be one of the first to try our plant-based cheese!

only until 29.04.2024!

a dedicated farmer proudly carrying a faba bean. Celebrating the heart and soul behind Viva la Faba, this image embodies our commitment to organic, plant-based goodness from field to table.

Igniting the
cheese revolution

the world's first cheese from organic faba beans

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This powerful illustration symbolizes our commitment to crafting the future of cheese from beans. Join us in embracing a new era of plant-based indulgence where the incredible potential of beans transforms into mouthwatering cheese creations.

The future of cheese is crafted from beans

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honoring the traditions of the past while shaping the future of cheese

Drawing inspiration from age-old traditions,  we mirror the artistry and dedication of traditional cheese artisans. 

We source only the finest organic ingredients, carefully selected 

for their quality, flavor and regionality . 

The secret behind our delicious cheese? 

The faba bean - our superhero - which was grown in the stone age already. 

"This one is a solid 10/10.”

Arman, FoodHack, Switzerland

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Step into the world of

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our mission 🌱 🧀
To revolutionize 5000 years of
cheese making, by crafting cheese
from organic beans and pulses.
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