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behind the cheese revolution


dear cheese lover,

That's us, Viva la Faba, a small team with a big vision. We challenge the status quo of the food industry. How? By making the best, tastiest and most sustainable cheese in the world. As pioneers, we are the first to use organic faba beans. Together with you, we are shaping the future of cheese!

Wondering how we came up with the idea to revolutionize the 5,000-year-old tradition of cheese making? Read our story and learn more!


Our Story

Our story began in Germany, at the University of Hohenheim, right in the middle of the pandemic. Unexpected, right? 

Our co-founders, Ariana and Jan, students at the time, were both desperate to find a good plant-based cheese. Meanwhile, they received an email from a professor who was looking for students to participate in a big European competition. The goal? To develop a revolutionary food product that would have a major positive impact on the world.

February 2020.png

Challenge accepted! In a diverse dream team, they worked with students skilled in food science, business, biology, agriculture, and sustainability. Plus, universities from Ireland and Italy joined in, making it even more challenging.

the first

big success

Fast forward 10 months, and they did it! They claimed first prize with their delicious plant-based cheese.

It was immediately clear that they had something very special on their hands. So they continued and here we are today, working as an ever-growing team to bring the world the best plant-based cheese out there and revolutionize the way people think about cheese.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-16 at 2.33.20 PM.jpeg
December 2020.png
Jan und Ariana in einer Käseproduktion

a long way - 

but worth it

But the journey didn't end there. We moved into a first real laboratory and development continued. Things that worked on a laboratory scale didn't work on a large scale. Ultimately, it took the team a full two years of development to crack the code and finalize the world's first cheese made from organic faba beans. For this purpose, a unique manufacturing process was developed that combines tradition and innovation.

So why "Viva la Faba"

Untitled design (15).png
Illustration von Farmer mit Ackerbohne

Because we are celebrating! Our name is a tribute to the unsung heroes of our story - the faba beans. These little beans, with every bite, remind us of the magic within nature and the endless possibilities of plant-based creations. We also raise a glass to the bean farmers, the curious souls willing to explore, to the chefs crafting culinary wonders, and to everyone eager to dive into the world of compassionate cuisine. Most importantly, we celebrate the new era in cheese-making, which has never bean so cheesy and good for you and the planet.  

So, join us in celebrating life, cheese, and the incredible journey we're embarking on together. Viva la Faba!  


Meet the Team


Jan Haberzettl

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CEO & Co-founder


Lisa Beyer

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Research & Development


emily dorner

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Social Media & Content


Ariana Alva Ferrari

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Isa Entenmann

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Research & Development

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