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Exciting News from Viva la Faba at Biofach 2024!

From February 11th to 14th, the Viva la Faba team embarked on to Nuremberg for Biofach - the world's largest and leading trade fair for organic consumer goods. For years, Jan and I wandered its vast halls as visitors, soaking in the very nice atmosphere, drawing inspiration for booth decorations, exploring other vegan cheese brands, and being amazed by the huge variety of organic products.  

This year, however, marked a pivotal moment for us. Thanks to the generous support from the "Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz" (BMWK), we turned from attendees to exhibitors. Positioned in the "Young Innovators" section in Halle 9, Viva la Faba finally introduced our labor of love to so many visitors. It was, in every sense, super cool.

We met many visitors and businesses, from big to small, who were truly amazed by how delicious our cheesy snacks tasted. The recurring question, "Is this REALLY vegan?” as many were astonished by how good our products tasted, achieved only with plant-based ingredients. That made us feel super charged and hopeful that we are on a good way!   

Also, Biofach became the perfect place for our crowdfunding campaign to really take off. It gave us a great chance to tell people face-to-face about what we're doing, why we're doing it, and all about Viva la Faba. The timing was just right. Even though you can't buy our products in stores yet, pre-ordering them through our crowdfunding was a nice solution. We've already gotten a lot of support, which is fantastic!  

As we reflect on our Biofach experience, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Our crowdfunding campaign is still live and is more than just a means to an end; it's a call to action for anyone who believes in sustainable, delicious, and innovative vegan products.  

By supporting Viva la Faba, you're not just pre-ordering our products; you're becoming part of a movement that celebrates taste, health, and the environment.  

Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign here:  

With your support to our crowdfunding campaign, you can help us make the future of vegan cheese a reality today. And also, you would be among the first to experience the delicious taste of Viva la Faba's plant-based cheese.  

Your encouragement and support mean the world to us, and we can't wait to bring Viva la Faba to your table.  

Thank you! The Viva la Faba Team 🧀  

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