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Our crowdfunding campaign is

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You're Amazing! 🙌💚
A huge THANK YOU for supporting our crowdfunding campaign! 🚀 We couldn't have done this without you. It's incredible to start this journey together and change the world of cheese! 🌱💫 We are so grateful for each and every one of you! 💛

With your amazing support, we've raised over €20,000, gathered 511 supporters, and got 1,000 pre-orders for our cheeses. You've helped turn our dreams into reality. Our motto is "You Can Bean Anything You Want," and you've proven it's true by turning beans into cheese and dreams into reality.

So, what's next? In the next two months, we'll be busy preparing our first large-scale production. This means refining our processes, sourcing the best ingredients, and ensuring the quality you've come to expect from us. We'll be running final quality checks, fine-tuning our packaging, and coordinating logistics to ensure everything goes smoothly

Our Rewards

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Crowdfunding Dankeschöns von Viva la Faba auf Startnext
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