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Faba Beans: Blooming Resilience for a Greener (and Cheesier) Tomorrow

We want to share the story of our journey so far, along with the challenges we faced and our plans for the future.

The Experiment on the Family Farm:

Our collaboration with the Käser family farm (a former dairy farm) began with a plan to cultivate faba beans on a 0.25-hectare plot in Ansbach, Southern Germany. Faba beans are a protein-rich legume that holds great promise as a sustainable food source - and is the base of Viva la Faba's delicious cheeses. We are excited to explore their potential in a real-world setting, closely work together with farmers, and assess the opportunities of building up local supply chains.

The Good News: The Faba Beans Are There!

We are delighted to report that our faba bean plants did manage to sprout. The vibrant green leaves and delicate blooms were a testament to the plant's resilience even under challenging conditions.

The Bad News: Battle with Dryness:

Unfortunately, the cultivation faced a significant hurdle in the form of unprecedented dryness. The region experienced a prolonged period of drought, with no significant rainfall for two consecutive months. This extreme weather condition severely affected the growth and development of the faba beans. As a result, the plants remained smaller than anticipated, struggling to reach their full potential. The above image serves as a reminder of the impact that climate and environmental factors can have on agricultural efforts.

Looking Ahead: Scaling Up in the Next Years:

Undeterred by the challenges we faced, we remain committed to the long-term vision of sustainable protein production. In the coming year, we plan to upscale our cultivation project on the family farm. By doing so, we hope to learn from our initial experiment and leverage our findings to overcome obstacles, including climate-related ones, that come our way.

Supporting the Food System Transition:

Our efforts extend beyond mere cultivation experiments. At Viva la Faba, we actively strive to support farmers in their transition towards plant-based protein agriculture. This project offers new income opportunities for former dairy farmers who are eager to embrace sustainable and ethical farming practices. By collaborating with them, we aim to create a resilient and inclusive food system for the future.

Global Efforts:

Additionally, we are thrilled to witness the emergence of initiatives like the ambitious "Beans is How" campaign, recently published by ProVeg International. This campaign aims to promote the value of incorporating beans into meals as part of a strategy to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the food system. We wholeheartedly support this effort and recognize the immense potential that beans and legumes possess in mitigating the environmental impact of our dietary choices. By actively promoting the consumption of plant-based proteins like faba beans , we can collectively work towards a more sustainable and climate-friendly future.

❤️ Together, we can build a future where plant-based proteins, like faba beans, play a crucial role in feeding the world while respecting the planet.

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