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  • Where can I buy your products?
    We are working hard to ensure that Viva la Faba's plant-based cheeses will be available in stores and restaurants throughout Germany and other European countries as soon as possible. We expect it for the beginning of 2024. We promise that it will be worth the wait! You don't want to miss the launch news? Sign up for our newsletter right now - you'll find the box for it on the homepage of our website. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook.
  • How is your vegan cheese different from other brands?
    We're not an average vegan cheese. We know that a lot of vegan options out there have their issues - strange textures, cheese that won't melt, flavors that taste artificial and are not so healthy. But we're different. We've always believed in something better, something that's all about natural flavors and real goodness. That's why we pioneered making cheese from organic faba beans, creating a cheese that's not just tasty but also packed with protein. Our focus is on delivering quality that beats the competition. We're all about giving you an authentic, natural, and delicious cheese experience. Unlike many vegan cheeses, our products are free from aromas, allergens, and colorings. Our cheeses have more protein that most others, they are certified organic, and our shredded cheese is even free of coconut oil. We're on a mission to offer a superior, more genuine choice that doesn't just meet your expectations – it surpasses them.
  • What ingredients is your plant-based cheese made of?
    The ingredients for our slices and cubes are: a faba bean preparation (made from water and organic faba bean protein), organic starch from potato and tapioca root, organic coconut oil, organic lemon and carrot juice concentrate, organic yeast extract, salt, spices, organic agar agar and organic locust bean gum.  The ingredients for our shreds are: a faba bean preparation (made from water and organic faba bean protein), organic starch from potato and tapioca root, organic rapeseed oil, organic lemon and carrot juice concentrate, organic yeast extract, salt, organic spices , organic agar agar and organic locust bean gum.
  • Are your products organic?
    Absolutely, our products are certified organic. We do this for a few good reasons. More and more people are looking for ingredients that are natural and good for their health, and they want to be able to understand what's in their food. Additionally, when we choose organic ingredients, we're doing our part to help the planet. It means we're reducing the environmental impact of farming, conserving water, protecting diverse ecosystems, and making the soil healthier. In essence, it's our commitment to a healthier, greener future.
  • Are all your products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?
    Absolutely, our product lines are entirely plant-based, and we are currently in the process of getting the official V-Label.
  • Does your cheese melt?
    Yes! Especially our shredded cheese is crafted to melt beautifully, giving you that rich, creamy, and satisfying experience you might have been missing. So you can say goodbye to those frustrating times when vegan cheeses got stuck to the roof of your mouth and say hello to a new era of vegan cheese indulgence. Your taste buds deserve better, and we're here to deliver it – one perfectly melted bite at a time.
  • Is Viva la Faba cheese only suitable for vegans?
    We're here for vegans, vegetarians, and even those who like to mix things up now and then. Because everyone deserves a plant-based cheese that's satisfying and delicious. Join us in this tasty adventure and see the difference for yourself. It's time to savor cheese the way it's meant to be.
  • Do your products need to be refrigerated?
    Yes. Our products require refrigeration even before opening. You'll find detailed storage guidelines on the packaging of each product.
  • How do I cook with your products?
    Just like dairy cheese, you have a variety of options for preparing our products. Whether you're in the mood for a cold cheese, want to bake it, or create a gooey melt, we've got you covered. You can check out our delicious recipes on our recipes page or on our Instagram.
  • How much will the products cost?
    Our goal is to make our tasty products available to as many people as possible. That is why we're working hard to find that sweet spot where quality and affordability meet. We're focused on delivering value and taste, and we're currently in the final stages of setting our prices.
  • How is your plant-based cheese produced?
    Psst, that’s a secret! But we can share some insights with you. It took us more than two years to develop and optimize this revolutionary process, which combines the dedication of artisan cheese production with future-proof ideas. Faba beans are washed, milled, and through different natural processes, protein is gained. Our faba protein are carefully mixed with other ingredients through a cooking process, a smooth, cheese-like texture is obtained. Afterwards, our plant-based cheese is sliced, grated and cubed like every other cheese. 
  • Where is your Faba-bean cheese produced?
    We're proud to collaborate with a very experienced and certified organic and certified vegan production and processing partner in Germany, who can guarantee the highest quality.
  • Are Faba beans allergen-free?
    Yes! We are free of all common allergens like nuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, wheat/gluten, fish, and shellfish. However, through our consumer tests, we have learned that there is a condition called "Favism" which very few people in the world have.
  • What are Faba beans?
    Also known as fava beans or broad beans, they are a type of legume that has been cultivated since the Stone Age and consumed around the world. They have a rich, slightly sweet, and nutty flavor. Faba beans are high in both protein and fiber. They are also packed with essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, as well as vitamins like folate and vitamin B6. Faba beans are known to help regulate blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full for longer. In other words, they are not only tasty but also incredibly nutritious.
  • How ancient are faba beans?
    Very! They have captivated the taste buds of humanity for millennia. Renowned as one of the oldest crops in the world, these hearty legumes have stood the test of time.  Originating in the Mediterranean region, fava beans continue to flourish in a variety of climates, from Asia to Europe, and even the Americas. In the Middle Ages, fava beans played a significant role in European diets, as they were among the most consumed crops of the time. Today, these amazing beans are making a comeback in Europe, and we're here to celebrate their return!
  • Why do you love faba beans so much?
    We absolutely adore them. First off, they made the cut after rigorous testing of all plant-based proteins we could find (like pea, oat potato, wheat and even hemp), but they're also incredibly versatile in terms of functionality, resulting in breathtaking melting and texture. They are also true environmental heroes. Fava beans do wonders for the earth. They serve as fantastic cover crops, improve soil health, fix nitrogen, enrich the soil, and play a crucial role in crop rotation. Another thing that really gets us excited is their taste. Fava beans bring a unique creaminess and richness to our cheeses, creating a delightful sensory experience that can genuinely rival traditional dairy-based options. We're talking about a flavorful journey that's good for you and the planet. What's not to love about that? 😊🌱
  • How many beans do you need for one 1kg of cheese?
    Every kilogram of our cheese requires the protein from approximately 1400 beans.
  • Where are the faba beans from for your products sourced?
    We don't use whole beans. Instead, we get our bean protein from carefully selected suppliers in Europe. Organic farmers in our supply chain make sure their workers are treated well. We try to get our protein from Germany whenever we can, but there's not a lot of organic faba beans available here yet. With growing demand, we hope to change that as more people want our products!
  • When were you set up?
    While the concept of creating the world's most ambitious plant-based cheese took shape towards the end of 2020, the journey officially began in July 2021 when we registered our company. By 2022, we had settled on the name Viva la Faba and grown the team to 4 passionate people. Since then, things have moved quickly, and it's been an exciting journey. We're eagerly anticipating our upcoming launch in early 2024, and we can't wait to share our delicious creations with you.
  • Where are you based?
    Our office and team are based in sunny Stuttgart, Germany. It's the very city where the idea for the initiative first took root when the founders were students at the University of Hohenheim.
  • What drew you make plant-based cheese?
    We all started loving plant-based eating for different reasons. Some of us were motivated by concerns for the environment, others by animal welfare, and some for health. There were also those who just had a passion for food innovation. But what brought us together was a simple desire to help people live healthier and happier lives, while also taking care of our planet. That's why we found bean-based cheese to be the perfect way to achieve these goals.
  • What is your approach to sustainability?
    We're passionate about making food that's not only exceptional for your well-being but also for the planet. However, as a startup, we know we're not perfect. But, we're dedicated to always doing our best and continually striving to improve .We've set clear goals and taken specific actions: Climate Action (SDG 13): Carbon Footprint: When you switch from dairy gouda cheese to our faba bean cheese, you're making a big environmental impact by reducing emissions. Compared to dairy cheese, our carbon footprint is up to 80% lower (we’ will publish a study with exact numbers soon!). We're committed to sourcing all raw materials from Germany and Europe if available. Through programs like Future Climate Pioneers and Climate Founders, we've gained the knowledge and tools needed to achieve net-carbon neutrality by 2025. Land use (SDG 15): By supplying organically grown legumes, we are helping fix nitrogen in the soils, protecting soils, adding organic matter to the soil, and improving the overall fertility of the soil. We only supply organic certified ingredients, which have a less negative impact on land and biodiversity. Water Footprint (SDG 6): We achieve a substantial reduction in water usage. In our estimation, switching from 1 kg of Gouda cheese to 1 kg of Viva la Faba cheese saves approximately 3,500 liters of water.
  • Why do you use plastic packaging?
    In a perfect world, we'd avoid using plastic packaging altogether. But when it comes to our plant-based cheese, paper packaging isn't a good option. It can lead to spoilage, reduce shelf life, and make the product's quality inconsistent. While bio-based plastic packaging has potential, it depends on cities having the right recycling systems in place. Unfortunately, that's not the case everywhere. So, to avoid adding to the waste problem, we've chosen polyethylene (PE) for our packaging. It's 100% recyclable. We're also not using direct ink printing to be more eco-friendly.
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